Real success stories!


For 2015, the Foundation Board of Directors awarded $720,000 to four grant recipients in the category of "Civil Legal Assistance to the Poor."  The awards will be paid to:
LEGAL SERVICES OF EASTERN MO $ 237,024                              
LEGAL AID OF WESTERN MO $229,896                              
LEGAL SERVICES OF SOUTHERN MO $200,304                              
MID-MISSOURI LEGAL SERVICES $52,776                              
SUBTOTAL $720,000.00                              
$30,000 in grant awards in the category "Administration of Justice" for 2015 will be paid to the following to accomplish a diverse array of projects:    
ST. LOUIS BAR FOUNDATION $15,000                              
KANSAS CITY BAR FOUNDATION $15,000                              
SUBTOTAL $30,000                              
During 2016, the Foundation received a donation from the Department of Justice settlement with Bank of America and its related entities.  The funds total about $6.6 million and will be used to provide legal assistance for foreclosure prevention and legal assistance for community redevelopment.  How theses funds will be distributed and the nature of the underlying programs is yet to be determined.  As the Foundation Board of Directors provides more direction, information will be made available to the public and interested parties.  Applications for grant funding from this source are not finalized, but will be made available through the website when the criteria are established.  Inquiries can be directed to the Foundation, though information is limited at this time.