To open an IOLTA account(s):

   -- download the Notice to Financial Institution and W-9 form 

   -- take the forms to an approved financial institution to open an account(s)

   -- verify that the Tax Identification Number attached to the new account(s) matches the number on the W-9 form

   -- when the account(s) is opened, return the completed Notice form to the Foundation at the address or fax listed on the form.

To file information to verify your compliance with Supreme Court rules related to trust accounting:

   -- complete the Trust Account Certification Form and return it to the Foundation at the address or fax listed on the form.

To learn more specifics of how to appropriately manage trust accounts, please download and review the Lawyer Trust Account Handbook.






Financial Institutions

An institution that wishes to become an Eligible Financial Institution to hold IOLTA accounts must complete the Compliance Statement Document and supply all requested information to the Foundation.

IOLTA accounts must earn the same interest rates generally available to similarly-situated non-IOLTA accounts at your institution.  The Compliance Statement will serve to inform us as to how you choose to implement the interest rate parity and other provisions of the rule at your institution. Please note, the Compliance Statement requires additional supporting documentation and is subject to review and acceptance by the Missouri Lawyer Trust Account Foundation. However, there is no additional review or documentation requirement for financial institutions choosing the Federal Funds variable rate option.




Applications for 2017 grants are not yet available.



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